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Treasury of Blessings

Treasury of Blessings front cover

I wrote this book to celebrate the life of a movement which has brought blessings and challenges to many people including myself. It was first published as a hardback in June 2016 and is now out of print. It is now available as an e-publication which can be downloaded free of charge.

Founded in 1943, the Servants of Christ the King (SCK) soon became a fellowship of fellowships with groups around the English-speaking world. Over the years the movement adapted to a changing church and a changing world, yet always kept its essential character. Its members met in small autonomous groups to wait on God in an alternation of prayer and discussion, seeking to become people whom God could use, affirming the indivisible bond between contemplation and action. The formal organisation of SCK came to an end in 2014, though some local groups continued to meet. The experience of the movement and its local groups (‘companies’) provides much material for reflection on right relationships between prayer and Christian action, between personal and corporate discernment, and between small committed lay groups and the wider church.

(from the Introduction to the book)

You can download Treasury of Blessings as an EPUB file.

Waiting on God

Waiting on God front cover

This booklet describes the practice of waiting on God in small groups in an alternation of prayer and discussion which may lead to unanimous decision and common action. Although based on the experience of the Servants of Christ the King (SCK) it is written for a more general church-going readership.

Waiting on God is available in both printed and PDF formats from Grove Books Ltd of Cambridge.